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Previous ISEI symposia

The ISEI symposia are biannual international meetings organized by ISEI and a local organiziation. The meetings have been held since 1989 (except 1991).

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12th ISEI symposium
Vienna, Austria, July 6 - 9, 2015

The ISEI biannual symposium brings together international experts in all fields of exercise immunology to present and discuss state-of-the-art research and emerging conceptual advances. The overall theme for the 2015 Symposium will be: Cells Meet Function in Exercise Immunology. Our aim is to include leading researchers from basic cell biology to applied clinical applications in the field of exercise immunology. Additionally, new technologies and/or their applications will be presented.

Similar to other ISEI Symposia we aim to attract many early stage researchers but also well-known experts to ensure a valuable information exchange. Possibly, this will lead to the discovery of high potentials within the oral and poster award for young investigators, but certainly to the development of future projects, collaborations, and friendships.

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11th ISEI symposium
Newcastle, Australia, September 9 - 12, 2013

The 2013 symposium theme was “Exercise Immunology: Prescriptions for Health” and featured several exciting scientific sessions that highlighted the importance of regular physical activity to maintain health across the lifespan. This year we extended our discussions beyond the direct modulatory effects of exercise on the immune system, to include exercise and regular physical activity effects on the mind/brain, gut and respiratory systems and muscle.

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10th ISEI symposium
Oxford, United Kingdom, July 11 - 13, 2011

The 2011 symposium included presentations by lead researchers in the areas of the genetics of exercise and immunology; the impacts of exercise on metabolism and inflammation, neural inflammatory diseases and intestinal microbiota; the immunological consequences of exercise and the stress response on diseases; and the effects of intense exercise on performance and illness in elite athletes.

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9th ISEI symposium
Tübingen, Germany, September 21 - 23, 2009

The main theme of the ISEI conference was “Exercise Immunology – Emerging relevance in clinical medicine”. The scientific program included several topics on how exercise immunology exhibits a growing role in clinical questions, especially with respect to the beneficial effect of exercise in the primary or secondary prevention of diseases.
The topics addressed themes such as cancer defence, insulin resistance, nutrition and gender specific aspects, as well as doping and methods in exercise immunology.

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Photos of the Young Investigator Award winners Dr. Noriaki Kawanishi (best poster) and Dr. Nicholas West (best oral presentation for novel research). Click here to view larger photos with captions.

8th ISEI symposium
Sendai, Japan, October 25 - 27, 2007

The meeting was held October 25-27th 2007 at Sendai Kokusai Hotel, Sendai, Japan. Professor Ryoichi Nagatomi was the local host. The ISEI meeting was co-hosted by Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine (JSPFSM) and Japanese Society of Exercise and Immunology (JSEI).

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7th ISEI symposium
Monaco, September 15 - 18, 2005

The meeting was held September 15th to 17th, 2005 at Monte Carlo Grand Hotel, Monaco. Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine represented by Pr. Stéphane Bermon was the local host.

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Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity
(Volume 19, Issue 5, 2005) covers the symposium. Click on the journal cover below to read the issue.

Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity, Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 369-488

6th ISEI symposium
Copenhagen, Denmark, July 17 - 19, 2003

Copenhagen hosted 6th ISEI meeting in July 17-19, 2003. The title of the symposium was "Exercise, Muscle Metabolism and Immune Function". The symposium hosted quests from 20 different countries.

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5th ISEI symposium
Baltimore, Maryland, May 29-30, 2001

The 5th International Society of Exercise and Immunology Symposium was held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, May 29 and May 30, 2001. Over 100 people registered for the ISEI symposium, and 72 abstracts were presented from researchers representing 13 different nations.
Dr. Phillip Calder of the U.K. gave the keynote lecture on nutrition and immunology. Thirty other exercise immunology abstracts were presented during the American College Sports Medicine (ACSM) symposium. Thus over 100 abstracts on exercise immunology were presented at ISEI/ACSM and published in a special supplement issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
David Nieman stepped down as ISEI President, handing leadership over to Ingibjörg Jonsdottir of Sweden. Jeffrey Woods, who was applauded by those in attendance for his outstanding work as ISEI Program Chair, was voted in as President-Elect. Bente Pedersen accepted the role of Program Chair for the 2003 ISEI symposium that will be held at her research institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. Heinz Liesen will continue his work as ISEI Managing Director.
Overall, the 2001 ISEI symposium was deemed a huge success, with many high quality papers presented.

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4th ISEI symposium
Rome, Italy, May 21-23, 1999

The 4th ISEI International Symposium, "Exercise and Immunology: Aging-Nutrition-Athletes", was held May 21-23, 1999, in Rome, Italy. The meeting was a huge success, and many in attendance remarked that it was among the best research conferences that they had attended. The program committee (Ingibjörg Jonsdottir, Chair, Maree Gleeson, Jeffrey Woods, and Bente Klarlund Petersen) and host, Dr. Carlo Tranquilli, are to be commended for their hard work in organizing this symposium. Eighty-five persons attended the ISEI symposium in Rome, with 68 abstracts presented from researchers representing 15 nations.
The keynote lecture, "Vitamin E, immune response, and infectious diseases: fact or fiction?", was given by Dr. Simin Meydani. Nine other review lectures were presented. All of the review papers and abstracts will be published in a supplement issue of the International Journal of Sports Medicine.
The best abstract award was presented to Helle Bruunsgaard of Copenhagen (member of Bente Petersen's research team) for her presentation entitled "Exercise induces recruitment of lymphocytes with an activated phenotype and short telomeres in young and elderly humans".

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3rd ISEI symposium
Paderborn, Germany, 1997

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2nd ISEI symposium
Brussels, Belgium, 1995

No further information available.

1st ISEI symposium
Paderborn, Germany, 1993

First international symposium after the foundation of ISEI. No further information available.

1st international meeting on exercise and immunology
Paderborn, Germany, 1989

No further information available.